Eureka, North Carolina (pronounced E-rika by some of its older residents was a small tobacco farming town. It was on those town where you could step out your front door, and be in your neighbor’s yard. The older men farmers congregated at Ralph’s Gas Station around crates of fish bait, drunk Wyler’s gingerale, and exchanged stories about troubles with their tractors. They would also tell each other whered the bibbest trout could be caught. The women met at the local grocery store, analyzed world news and shared the latest juicy gossip with the grocer and each other.

To its credit,Eureka was also the home of one of the most beautiful girls in the state, Krystal Lee Hicks. Krystal was a small town girl with big city dreams. Since she was old enough to remember, Krystal wanted to be the owner of a grand beauty salon. She wanted to bring Hollywood glamour to the sheltered women in her home town. Her salon was going to be different from any other salon in the state because she was going to sell her own brand of luxurious makeup the she and best friend Tina McGinty had created in high school chemistry class.

Tina and Krystal had been friends since they had been knee high to a duck. Tina was a plain girl with the personality of a magnet. Everyone that was drawn to her liked her. You just could not help yourself. She had been instrumental in helping Krystal develope her line of makeup called “Best Kept Secret.” She and Krystal had been working on the products since 11th grade and had finallly perfected them. “Best Kept Secret” made a women look absolutely gorgeous and unlike most makeup, lasted all day. Krystal and Tina were now ready to take it to the next level, manufacturing the makeup and putting it in her dream shop, Glamour In A Minute.